Client: Ideal Standard

Robin has been designing for Ideal Standard for over 35 years, the last 30 with longstanding colleague Dave Tilbury.

Chances to really re-invent products don’t come up very often, Space for Ideal Standard was one of them. The story starts with the Berlin wall coming down in 1989. This opened up a new market in Eastern Germany where many bathrooms were very small and often included the washing machine. At the Bathroom Fair ISH in Frankfurt we noticed some bathtubs with narrow foot ends to make more use of available space. This focused our minds on the fact that British bathrooms are also small, with an average size of a king size bed. The Space project was born, we set up a ‘Space Lab’ at Ideal Standard in Hull where we built small bathrooms with moveable walls.

The Space WC really was a revolution with the option to fit the seat at 45° allowing it to be positioned closer to the wall. This could make room for a door to open or perhaps a larger washbasin. Space took the market by storm and within a few years all the major bathroom brands had their own version.

space-range-sinks 2.jpg
Space-cloakroom 2.jpg