Client: Nambé

Formed in 1951, Nambé is a brand committed to timeless beauty, artistic integrity and uncompromising quality. One of our design heroes Eva Zeisel has designed for Nambé, so we were very excited about the opportunity to work with them too.

The well nuanced design brief challenged us to create a ‘stand out’ white range in a very crowded market. We looked at landscapes to find a new profile for the rimmed plate. This combination of convex and concave lines with a distinctive peak captures the language that runs through the whole line. Bone china was selected to express the fineness of the detail to which we added elements in glass and wood. The very expressive handles help to bring a ‘stand out’ quality while providing a perfect balance to the jugs when pouring.

Skye was launched at the New York Tabletop Show in October 2015 where all but one Nambé customer listed it.

Nambe 1.jpg