Voronoi Bowl

Client:  Costa Verde

It’s very rare for Studio Levien to work on an experimental project, the Voronoi Bowl is one of those exciting moments. It is a collaboration between two Royal Designers, Robin Levien RDI, engineer Tristram Carfrae RDI of ARUP and porcelain manufacturer Costa Verde.

The ambition was for a 'gravity defying' bowl and this was achieved by cutting holes in the rim of a conical form to reduce the weight. The holes are in a Voronoi pattern which is found on the wings of a dragonfly – they have to be both light and strong. We continually look to nature for inspiration so this connection felt perfect.

The Voronoi bowl, which is 40cm in diameter takes only minutes to make on a high pressure casting machine but over half an hour to remove the seams by hand.

It is a tour de force of engineering in porcelain.